About Us

Classical Chinese cuisine over centuries to master the art of transforming.The simple to the sublime.

Men the master chef at Ming Teh skill fully and faith fully maintains this tradition. He has thirty-two years of experience and experimentation and his hands are created culinary Jewels that are layered with depth of flavor.

A wide spectrum of tastes that is intense distinctive and truly exceptional.

Most of all there is a uniqueness to each offering. No two dishes are taste alike. Each one is handcrafted by Mens skillful hands, created and plated for you to savor and enjoy.

While his repertoire of recipes ranges through the many provinces of China, Szachan is singular. It is famous for being “piquant”. It combines all the flavors. That tempts your palette. It’s a truly exceptional experience.

Miss Wendy Men will grace fully accommodate you with an intimate knowledge of the menu.

The menu itself is a subtle example of clarity and simplicity.

Ming Teh has also had its share of famous customers, Goldie Hawn was impressed by her visit, and while filming The Natural in Buffalo Robert Duvall was a regular. He freely confessed to falling in love with Ming Teh in Fort Erie “a world- class Chinese restaurant.” However words cannot fully explain the experience that awaits you.

Discover a unique dining experience at Ming Teh Restaurant where every dish is created with the finest and freshest ingredients in contemporary Chinese cuisine. Once you come, you will come back time and time again.

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